Below is some very important information that you and your 8th grade student will need to know to navigate through the upcoming high school years.

1. What do I need for my student to get their Driver’s Permit?

When your student is ready to get their Driver’s Permit, they will need the SF1010 form. This is a compulsory attendance form that is required by the TN Department of Motor Vehicles. You will need to submit a request to our school office to start the process (see adjacent).

Please note that everything must be up to date in the student's file. This includes curriculum lists and semester reports. We must also have a copy of their birth certificate and a social security number (state requirement) on file.

This form takes 3 to 5 business days to complete and mail. Please note that we can not fax or email it (an original triplicate document). In addition, it expires in 30 days, so your student will need to take their driving test within that time (otherwise you will have to resubmit with a fee).

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2. What credits are required for high school?

Keeping track of credits earned and making sure that your student is getting all of the required subjects is very important.

You can find our credits list online or print our credits worksheet (see adjacent). It includes information for a general path diploma or for a college prep diploma.

Also, our students can earn up to 9 credits per year. Our records office can answer any questions you have if you feel that more credits will be earned than what is allowed.

Here is a tip for you: when you submit your final semester report, please ask for an unofficial transcript. This will show you what has been turned in during the year, and also helps us check for any errors or if we have missed any credits when posting them. This is a free service. There is a small fee for an official transcript when, or if, you need one for various reasons (proof of good student status for insurance, college applications, etc.) Again, you can request this online, print it, or use the copy included in our information packet.

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3. Can my 8th grader earn high school credits?

Yes, if your 8th grader is advanced in their studies they can earn up to two (2) high school credits if earning them at home. If your student is part of a local tutorial, then they can earn three (3). The most common high school credits earned include: Algebra I, Physical Science, Biology 1, World History, US History, and/or a foreign language.

We will not count any electives like PE, Health, or Bible as a high school credit in the 8th grade. Make sure you let us know on your curriculum list and your semester reports the subjects that are for high school credit, so our Records Department can post them in the student's transcript. Please call the school office with any questions.

Curriculum List
     Curriculum List

4. Does my student need any testing in high school?

In order for our high school students to graduate, they will need to fulfill one of the following options:

a) Two Stanford Achievement tests with a stanine score of a 4 or higher on both tests. These tests should be done in the 9th, 10th and 11th grade.

b) One ACT test taken in the 10th, 11th or the 12th grade with a minimum score of 16 or higher. This test can be taken more than once to improve the score. We also encourage our students to prepare for the ACT by using the practice tests that are available on the ACT website.

You can register for this test at Use our high school code, 430-887, when registering. Also, please be aware there is a fee when you enroll.

Please note that students are not required to take the ACT Writing test unless it is required by the college they wish to attend. We do not require the Writing portion of this test for graduation.

If your student fails to take any test then we cannot issue a diploma even if all credits are earned. Again, please contact our school office with any questions about testing. Don’t wait until their senior year to plan for this part of high school.

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5. What about the Aaron Academy Honor Program?

Aaron Academy seeks to encourage our high school students to become people of scholarship, honor, and integrity, while developing a Christ-like attitude of service, leadership, and involvement.

Students may participate in grades 10th, 11th and 12th if they make application each year and meet the criteria of academic and personal excellence. A Stanford achievement test must be taken in the 9th grade and score at least a 80% to be able to participate in the Honors Program as a 10th grader. This score will be determined by our Honor Program Coordinator. In addition, the student will need to achieve a minimum score of 25 in his/her ACT test.

Also, our Honor Program graduates will have a gold sash at the Aaron Academy graduation ceremony, an honor seal on the diploma, and a notation on the transcript reflecting participation in the program. If your student is participating in another graduation ceremony, then the honor stole can be purchased.

Honor packets are available at the school office or can be requested online starting in July of each school year.

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6. Can my student Dual Enroll to earn college credits?

Many community colleges and universities offer dual enrollment classes for high school juniors and seniors. Our records office can help you fill out the necessary paperwork supplied by these institutions. Please note that the colleges will require an official transcript from our office. There will be a charge for each transcript requested.

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7. Will my student qualify for TN Promise and TN Scholars?

Many of our students have been recipients of these programs. We will provide contact information for you to get your student enrolled in these programs during their senior year.

8. What to expect during senior year?

You will receive a letter from the Principal in August of their senior year with helpful information concerning the TN Promise Program and the Hope Scholarship Program.

Also, our Records Department will send a Senior Packet to you before our Christmas Break. This will have important information concerning the graduation ceremony, testing, final credits needed, and much more.