Achievement Testing is suggested for students in 5th and 7th grade, but is not required. On the other hand, testing is required for High School graduation.

1. We do suggest that parents consider testing their elementary and middle school students since it's a great tool to asses your student's levels in several subjects. Fifth grade and seventh grade are two good testing years. There are several testing products nationwide that home school families can use. We usually recommend the Stanford Achievement tests.

2. Aaron Academy offers its members group testing in several locations around Middle Tennessee.

- Standard group testing is $70 per student after November 1st.
- Private tests are $95 (Private Certified) or $160 (by Aaron Academy).

3. For more information on testing, please see below:

Aaron Academy Testing:
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• Private Testing

Graduation Requirements:
form • Go here for graduation info: • Stanford Testing
• ACT testing

Testing Locations:
registration • Test sites in Middle Tennessee. • Spring 2019

Register to Test:
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Testing Resources:
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