How to navigate this site:
You will notice the adjacent left-hand side column contains the various departments within the Academic office. Once you have selected one of these, the right-hand side column will have the information pertinent to that department. Just chose those links to find what you need.

Our academic office will be glad to help you with your home education endeavors. Our staff consists of experienced home educators who are ready to serve our member families.

Records Office:
Our records office handles all your student files and forms.

Here you will find the request forms, transfer forms, transcripts, list of high school credits, and other important forms.

Admissions Office:
Our admissions office handles the enrollment process for our members, and new families who choose Aaron Academy for their 'umbrella' school.

Although our office resides in Tennessee, we're able to help home educators throughout the states, and in many cases, American students overseas.

Books, Curriculum:
Home education parents are free to choose the materials that best fits their children's needs. Fortunately, there are many excellent choices. Our office carries some of the most popular items, and we also have suggestions on where to find great materials for your students.

We offer achievement testing, to our members in the Middle Tennessee area, during the second semester of the school year (usually March and April). Testing is not required for Kinder through 8th grade, but it is a requirement for high school graduation.

Other Resources:
Also, you can visit our Resources section for more information on homeschool events, activities, and other useful information. Educational resources for home educators grow every year. Homeschool fairs are now held nationwide.

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