Please keep in mind the following important school-related items.

Credits Worksheet: Please make sure you review our requirements for graduation. It will help the student see his/her current credit status plus the credits pending to be completed. Your student can follow the college prep path or the general path.

For courses not requiring a text book (physical education, community service, etc.), 150 hours of study constitute one full credit and 75 hours constitute a half credit.

Only studies concerning the Judeo-Christian Holy Bible are accepted as Bible credits.

Curriculum List: A list of the courses and materials the student will be using for study needs to be submitted to the school office within 30 days of enrollment.

1st Semester Report: Use this form to submit grades, credits, and attendance for the first semester of the school year (July through December). It is due no later than January 26th (please add $10 late fee per family after this date). You may deliver it, mail it, fax it, or use our online forms.

2nd Semester Report: Use this form to submit grades, credits, and attendance for the second semester of the school year (January through June). It is due no later than July 13th (please add $10 late fee per family after this date). You may deliver it, mail it, fax it, or use our online forms.

Testing requirements for Graduation: In order for senior students to be eligible for graduation, one of the following requirements must be satisfied:

A) Two (2) Stanford or Iowa Achievement Tests: one taken in the 9th grade and one taken in the 10th or 11th grade, with a minimum Stanine score of 4 (for students not planning to attend college).

B) One (1) ACT Test taken in grades 10th through 12th, with minimum score of 16 (submitted before April 30th of their graduating year).

• Students transferring to Aaron Academy in 11th or 12th grade, are required to take One (1) ACT Test, and earn a minimum score of 16 (should be submitted before April 30th).

• Note: the ACT is NOT administered by Aaron Academy. Please visit their online registration site at www.actstudent.org. Note: Aaron Academy’s school code is 430-887 (do NOT use the basic home school code: 969-9... etc.) Your student is enrolled in a private high school and is therefore not an independent home schooler.

• In those cases where 11th grade students qualify for graduation and desire to graduate at the end of their Junior year, an ACT test with a minimum score of 24 will be required.

• Students who enroll at Aaron Academy for their senior year only are required to sign-up for an ACT test at the time of enrollment. Seniors who need to test must have an ACT score in our office by April 30th.

Honor Program: We offer an honor program based on academics, character, service, and leadership. For a more thorough explanation of this excellent program, please see page 31.

Dual Enrollment: Many community colleges and universities offer dual enrollment classes for high school junior and senior students. Our records office can help you fill out the necessary paperwork supplied by these institutions. Note: the college will also require an official transcript from our office (fees apply).

Diplomas: High School diplomas, for those students who have completed all the requirements, are issued at the end of the second semester. Students who participate in our end-of-school-year Graduation Ceremony receive their diplomas during this event. Please note: Grade Reports for graduating students will not be accepted after July 31st.

Aaron Academy does NOT offer early graduation. Special circumstances will be reviewed and addressed on an individual basis (extra fees may be incurred).

To replace a lost or damaged diploma, a request needs to be submitted in writing along with a fee of $30. Padded Diploma covers are available for $60 (diploma included).

Graduation Ceremony: If you are interested in having your senior student participate in our cap and gown graduation ceremony at the end of the school year, please submit for registration on or before February 16th, 2018.