A list of courses and books for educational purposes.

1. The primary teacher is required to submit a list of courses that each student will follow for study during the school year, within 30 days of enrollment.

2. The primary teacher is free to choose the curriculum and study materials that best fit each student’s learning style.

3. It’s normal for students in the lower grades to change and update many of the materials during the school year. There is no need to submit an updated list each time. The initial form meets the policy requirement.

4. Students in high school grades need to complete the minimum required credits for graduation. Their curriculum list should show the credits they will be working on for the current school year (required credits and any electives).

5. You can find the Curriculum List form below. Please remember to sign and date this form before submitting. You may deliver it, mail it, fax it, or use our online form.

Curriculum Form: Current 2018-19 School Year
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Curriculum Form: Previous School Years
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