Kinder through 8th Grade

Please note the core courses required for the grade levels shown below:


Kinder thru 2nd:

- Bible

- Phonics

- Reading Comp.

- Handwriting

- General Math

- Main Electives:

• Science

• History

3rd thru 8th Grade:

- Bible

- English

- Spelling

- Math

- Science

- History

- Electives

High School Credit (8th Graders only):

- Algebra I

- Physical Science

- Foreign Language

- History

Important Notes


For students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade, you may choose any grading designation: A-B-C, S (Satisfactory), E (Excellent), P (Pass).

For students in 3rd through 8th grade: please use letter designations only: A-B-C-D-F.


Only studies concerning the Judeo-Christian Holy Bible are accepted as Bible credit.

High School Credits:

The maximum number of high school credits that an 8th grade student can earn is:

- 2 credits when studying at home.
- 3 credits when studying at a tutorials program.