Records Department:
This office handles all the forms pertinent to student records and files.

School Forms:
There are several forms that constitute part of the student's permanent school record. Some of these include:

• Enrollment Forms
• High School Transcripts
• Semester Reports
• Driver's Permit Forms
• Verification Forms
• Transfer Requests
• Curriculum Lists
• and other important files

Semester Reports:
Attendance and grades reports are required at the end of each semester. Copies are included in your enrollment packet, but you can request more here, or just use our online forms for a quick and easy submission before the upcoming due dates.

Requests for Forms:
You will find request forms here, that can be helpful for: transcripts for colleges, transcripts for the armed forces, driver's permit form, and others. Please know that fees apply in some cases.

Graduation Requirements:
Included is a list of the high school credits required for a student to earn their diploma. It also includes the testing requirements for graduation.

Frequently asked questions:
These answer some of the most common questions that parents have.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact our offices.

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