Tutorials & Enrichment Classes:

Aaron Academy does not offer tutorial or enrichment programs, but you can find several new ones in our area:

IMPACT Tutorials:

This is a tutorial program that assists parents who teach their children at home, or those who are looking for an extra boost in preparation for college.

For more information, you can go online... here.


MILLER Tutorials:

Homeschool tutorials in the hendersonville area. Serious home school students wanted: Math, Science, Technology, and Test Preparation.

For more information, you can go online... here.



Discovery Homeschool Enrichment Program:

This program exists to supplement the homeschool community by providing amazing elementary and middle school level courses taught in a Christian environment.

Classes will be held at Restoring Hope Church in Hendersonville on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the school year. For more information, please go... here.