Important Notes on Attendance, Grade Level, and Enrollment Classifications:


1. A student’s attendance (school days at Aaron Academy) starts on the enrollment date. We send a friendly reminder to current students who have not re-enrolled in late September.

2. Current students who do not enroll by November 1st will be considered late enrollments. Please know that these late submissions will be reviewed for approval, and late fees will apply. We highly recommend you re-enroll on time.

3. We reserve the right not to accept school days, grades, and/or high school credits earned in the first semester (July to December) from current students who failed to re-enroll with Aaron Academy during this same first semester.


1. Kinder thru 8th grade students cannot skip a grade level, unless:

• Student has taken an achievement test the previous year and results show an above average score of 7, • 8, or 9 stanine score in all subjects.

• If testing is not available, students can test with Aaron Academy for the current school year. After the test scores are received, it can then be determined if the student will be allowed to advance to the next grade level.

• It is not permissible to skip 8th grade and go directly into high school unless test scores are all post high school in every subject.

• The Principal will review all test scores to determine if requirements are met for grade advancement.

2. High School students:

• If you are transferring from another school, grade placement will be the next consecutive grade from the previous grade completed.

• High School grades cannot be skipped at all.

• Only students in 11th grade can apply for early graduation. Parents will need to contact the school office and review their student's transcript with our registrar to ensure specific requirements have been met.


A. Standard Re-enrollment:

For current students completing the school year ending in June, and who are now re-enrolling for the upcoming school year.

B. Previous Re-enrollment:

For students who have been enrolled with Aaron Academy previously, and who are now transferring back to Aaron Academy for the new year.

C. New Student:

For students who have not been student members at Aaron Academy and who are now registering for the first time in our school.