Our primary service is to umbrella families who are learning at home, according to the state's educational laws and the policies of the Tennesse Association of Church-Related Schools.

We provide centralized record keeping, attendance reporting, curriculum review, and achievement testing, among others.

We can help you find the resources you need for your students.

Also, there are several home education bookstores and many book fairs throughout the state where you will find the most popular books and materials for home schooling families.

Driver's License permit:
Parent must submit a request for the Tennessee Department of Transportation SF-1010 Form in writing.

Student must (a) have been enrolled with Aaron Academy for a minimum of 30 days, (b) have on file a copy of birth certificate, and social security number, and (c) be up-to-date on required documents (curriculum lists, semester reports).

Allow 7 to 10 days for processing.

I.D. Cards:
School ID cards are available upon request. See our school forms section for more information.

Aaron Academy will keep student records, including but not limited to: transfers, transcripts, semester reports, and achievement test scores.

(All records are confidential. Parents or legal guardians will need to submit a written request to review student records.)

High school transcripts can be requested by parents for those students enrolling in higher education or joining our armed forces.

Achievement Tests:
Achievement Tests are available to our student members in the middle Tennessee area. Tests are not required for students in K through 8th grade. For high school graduation requirements, please see our Academic section.

Testing is required for high school graduation (please see our graduation requirements section under Academics).

Online News:
Updates to events, activities, and other information is posted online and available to all our families.

High School Diploma:
Those students who meet all Aaron Academy's graduation requirements will receive a high school diploma.

Cap and Gown graduation ceremonies are held at the end of the school year for those students who wish to participate.

Many of our students continue their education in colleges and universities nation wide.

We keep our members informed of activities geared for home school families throught our local area. You can find these links in our Resource section.

Legal Matters:
Enrolling with Aaron Academy will help you satisfy the laws concerning alternative education. Still, we cannot guarantee that our members will not be subject to scrutiny by the courts.

It's always recommended that families consider joining legal associations that help home educators.

We highly recommend the Home School Legal Defense Association.