Please keep in mind the following important information for your younger students.

›  School Year:

The school year starts on July 1st and ends on June 30th of the following year. Enrollment is open year-round. Transfers are also accepted throughout the school year.

Most students enroll in July and August. Please note that the Home School Legal Defense Association highly recommends students enroll no later then when local area schools open, usually in August.
›  Enrollment:

The registration process starts when the parent or legal guardian submits the enrollment forms and the required fees.
›  Start Date

The student's enrollment at Aaron Academy begins on the date he/she registers with Aaron Academy.

Example: Student starts his or her studies in August, but does not register with Aaron Academy until the following January. The school days between August and January will not be counted as school days at Aaron Academy.
›  Attendance:

The Tennessee Department of Education requires a minimum of 6.5 instructional hours a day for 180 days per year starting July 1st.
›  Curriculum List:

Parents are required to submit the Curriculum Report Form within 30 days of enrollment. It will list the curriculum being used by the student in each of his or her subjects (where applicable).

Aaron Academy recommends that parents consider the many excellent Christian resources available for home educators. Still, it's the parents' decision what materials the students use for their academic subjects.
›  Courses and Subjects:

Please see our list of core subjects and electives for the younger grades.

We also include a few high school credits your 8th graders can earn.
›  Semester Reports:

Parents will be required to maintain attendance and grades and submit this information at the end of each semester.

Please use the reporting forms we provide. We do not accept third-party or self-produced forms. You can use our online forms, or download copies to print from our website.

The first semester reports are usually due at the end of January, and second semester reports are due in mid-July (dates are posted in the reports and also our online school calendar).

If a student transfers out during the middle of the semester, these reports must be submitted immediately to allow our office to update the student’s file.

Our grading scale is as follows:
A = 94 - 100
C = 77 - 86
B = 87 - 93
D = 70 - 76
›  Testing:

Testing is not required for Kinder through 8th grade, but it is a requirement for high school graduation.
›  Calendar:

You can find a schedule of important dates for the school year posted on our online calendar.
›  Resources:

We maintain an online resource section for our home schooling families. These include curriculum vendors, book fairs, and other events.

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