There are many benefits to graduating as a Tennessee Scholar.

Did you know that Tennessee Scholars…
1Adds value to a diploma.
2Can lead to scholarships, preferential hiring, and recognition at graduation.
3Supports Tennessee Promise.
All students are encouraged to apply and complete requirements to receive funding from Tennessee Promise.
4Is recognized by Drive to 55 as a tool to help students attain and keep the Tennessee Promise funds.
5Allows students to use volunteer service hours for this program as well as Tennessee Promise.
6Students receive an extra $300 at any TCAT (Tennessee College of Applied Technology).
1Complete and submit all necessary documentation for both student and parent by deadlines.
2No out of school suspensions.
3Maintain 95% attendance for high school years.
4Maintain a C (2.0) or above average in all classes.
5Perform 80 hours or more of community service.

Please note that the application must be in our school office no later than November 1. Late applications will not be considered.

You can request an information and documentation packet from our school office.

Please review the information thoroughly; there are deadlines to meet.

Request Application Packet:

Tennessee Scholar applications for the 2019-20 school year are now available.


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