1. Enrollment:
The registration process starts when the parents (or legal guardian) submits the enrollment forms and the required fees.
2. School Year:
The school year starts on July 1st and ends on June 30th of the following year. Enrollment is open year-round. Transfers are also accepted throughout the school year.
3. Attendance:
Student must attend school a minimum of 180 calendar days per year, no less than four hours a day.
4. Start Date:
The student's enrollment at Aaron Academy begins on the date he/she registers with Aaron Academy.
Example: Student starts his or her studies in August, but does not register with Aaron Academy until the following January. The school days between August and January will not be counted as school days at Aaron Academy.
We highly recommend parents enroll early, or no later than when local schools in your area begin the school year.
5. Curriculum List:
Parents are required to submit the Curriculum Report Form within 30 days of enrollment. It will list the curriculum being used by the student in each of his or her subjects (where applicable).
Aaron Academy recommends that parents consider the many excellent Christian resources available for home educators. Still, it's the parents decision what materials the students use for their academic subjects.
6. Semester Reports:
Parents will be required to maintain attendance and grades and submit this information at the end of each semester.
The first semester covers any student work completed from July through December of the school year. The second semester covers the work done from January through June.
If a student transfers out during the middle of the semester, these reports must be submitted immediately to allow our office to update the student's file.
7. Testing:
Achievement testing for students in Kinder through 8th grade is NOT required. We do suggest that parents consider testing since it's a great tool to appraise your student's levels in several subjects.
High School testing is required to graduate from Aaron Academy, the minimum being at least one ACT test. (See our testing section for more information.)
Student will be required to follow our Dress Code at any and all school functions, including but not limited to, achievement testing and graduation ceremonies.
Students will not be allowed to wear offensive t-shirts with inappropriate or demonic graphics or text, nor gang related colors, dress, or paraphernalia.
Girls must dress modestly, tank tops or short shorts are not allowed. Girls may wear one pair of earrings on their ears, boys may not wear any. Body-piercing jewelry is not allowed. No exceptions.
8. Graduation:
Seniors will need to complete the high school credits and testing required to graduate from Aaron Academy and earn a high school diploma.
9. Expulsions:
Aaron Academy reserves the right to expel any student not adhering to its policies, including unbecoming conduct such as violent behavior, threat of bodily harm, abusive language and/or any other action that would be taken as a threat to the student members, parents, or staff of Aaron Academy.
10. Smoking:
In Tennessee it is against state law to smoke, or have any tobacco related products, at any school function or event.
11. Additional Policies:
Aaron Academy reserves the right to institute policies and rules during the school year for the benefit and welfare of our members.
12. Notice:
Aaron Academy will not discriminate against, or exclude, any family from enrolling, or continuing to be enrolled with the school, based on race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin.
Since Aaron Academy is a religious organization, the Board of Directors reserves the right to discriminate in areas of religious beliefs and affiliations. Consequently, the school is not obligated to accept those who may not meet admission requirements.

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