›  Enrollment Fees:

›  High School Grades:

Each Student
$  90

›  Kinder thru 8th Grade:

First Student
$  80
Second Student
Third Student
Fourth Student
Additional Students

›  Active Duty Military & Missionaries:

Each Student
$  35

›  No Refunds:
Once submitted, there are NO REFUNDS on enrollment fees (unless for any reason Aaron Academy cannot accept the student's enrollment).
›  Important notes on fees and payments:
1Our enrollment fees are annual fees. There are no other monthly fees.
2Enrollment forms without fees included will not be processed.
3We accept all major debit or credit cards.
4Two or three-party checks are not accepted.
5NSF or closed-account checks will incur a $30 bank fee. If due amount is not paid, student could face expulsion.

›  The benefits of enrolling on time:
1The Home School Legal Defense Association highly recommends that you enroll no later than when public schools start in your local area, usually July or August.
2You are compliant with Aaron Academy's enrollment policies and the educational laws of the State of Tennessee.
3It ensures that your school days start counting at time of enrollment. Any school days submitted before re-enrollment at Aaron Academy are counted as independent school days.

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