Please choose the appropriate form.
Please choose the appropriate
re-enrollment form.

›  Re-Enrollment Type:
We have three types of enrollment forms. Please choose the appropriate one:

AStandard is for our current students who are already members and are now enrolling for the upcoming school year.

BMilitary is for our current members who have a parent serving on active duty and are re-enrolling their students.

CMissionaries is for our current members who are serving in the mission field and are re-enrolling their students.
A  Standard:

Current students who are re-enrolling for the 2022-23 school year.


B  Military:

For military families with an active duty parent currently serving.


C  Missionaries:

For home schooling families currently serving in the mission field.


›  Kindergarten:
To enroll in Kindergarten, student must be 5 years of age on or before August 15. TCA ยง 49-6-201(3).
We do NOT accept four-year-old children in Kindergarten grade.

›  High School:
Please note that some public schools reserve the right to test their incoming students and/or accept or not accept credits from home schooled students.
Check with your local county or school district.

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