The success of your student's senior school year greatly depends on careful reading
of each of the following items and keeping your school calendar up-to-date!

›  Curriculum List:

Please submit each student's Curriculum List on time. Make sure you are aware of your student's remaining credits for graduation. If you have any questions, please contact our Records office.


›  Testing for Graduation:

If your student is planning to attend college, we must have a copy of their ACT score on file.

If the student will NOT be attending college, they will need to take one Stanford Achievement test. The test can be taken during 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade.

Please contact the school office for options.

Failure to meet the testing requirements will mean your student will not graduate nor receive a diploma, even if all required credits are completed. Please call the records office if you have any testing questions.


›  ACT Dates:

Visit the ACT website for testing schedules and other important information.


›  Senior Letter & Packet:

Senior Letter: the Principal sends a letter in September with FAFSA's and scholarship information.

Senior Packet: a packet will be mailed to you towards the end of the first semester. Please read it carefully. It will help your senior finish out the school year smoothly.
›  Semester Reports:

Your senior's First Semester report is due in January (see school calendar).

Second Semester reports are due in July (see school calendar).

Important: Grades will not be accepted after July 31st. After this date, your senior's only option left will be to take a GED.


›  Jostens:

From the company that supplies senior rings and invitations for most schools (Jostens) you can request a packet in the mail by contacting chad.bone@jostens.com or visiting their web page at:


›  Senior Portraits:

Senior Portraits are taken and available for purchase, usually in February (see school calendar).
›  Graduation Ceremony:

If you would like your senior to participate in our graduation ceremony, the sign-up deadline is usually in February (see our graduation section for more information).

For seniors in our graduation ceremony, second semester reports are due in May (see school calendar).
›  High School Diplomas:

Seniors not participating in our graduation ceremony will receive their diplomas in the mail after all the graduation requirements are met.
›  Financial Aid:

For seniors planning to attend college, please be aware of recent changes to FAFSA reporting.

In Tennessee, for students interested in information about the TN Promise Scholarship, please go to the TN Promise website for requirements and deadlines.



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