We offer achievement testing to Aaron Academy students in the Middle Tennessee area.

Group Testing:

» We use the Stanford Achievement Test.

Our group tests are held during the second semester (March and April) at several locations in Middle Tennessee only. Test results are mailed in mid-June.

These tests measure a student's knowledge of concepts and subject matter usually taught in the grade level they are currently enrolled.

They constitute an excellent tool to measure the student's strengths and weaknesses on a broad range of subjects.
Private Testing:

Parents also have the option to have their student take this test privately. In some cases, private testing is required (see below).
Private: Certified Teacher

Certified teachers, chosen by the parents, must meet Aaron Academy testing deadlines.

If they cannot complete and return these tests within the designated time frames, we ask our parents NOT to use their services.

All certified teachers will be required to send proof of their certification to Aaron Academy and follow all the school's instructions included with these tests. Family members do not qualify.
Private: Aaron Academy

If you choose Aaron Academy to administer the test, please contact our office for more information (additional fees are applicable).
Grade Level:

Testing is available for students in 1st through 12th grade.

We do NOT test students in Kindergarten.

We suggest that our group testing fees be paid at the time of enrollment; otherwise, these will be due in January.

You can always register to test online before the deadline.

Testing lasts three consecutive mornings (9 to 12 noon) for students in 1st through 8th grade.

High school students will receive testing instructions before testing that will specify time and location.

Testing starts in late March and ends in April. Exact testing dates and locations will be posted when finalized (usually after February). Please note that these dates are subject to change.

First through 8th: Make sure your students get plenty of sleep and a good breakfast. They can bring a healthy snack.

Also, have your student bring some scratch paper, at least two sharpened #2 pencils, a ruler (with inches and centimeters), and a calculator (if you choose) for those in 4th grade and above.

High School: Students need to bring some scratch paper, at least two sharpened #2 pencils, a ruler (with inches and centimeters) and a calculator (if they choose). Please note that cell phones are not allowed as calculators.
Test Results:

Stanford Test scores are mailed to our parents in late June.
Pregnant Students:

Students who are pregnant (or married—male or female) are required to test privately. Please contact the school office for scheduling (additional fees are applicable). If a student becomes pregnant (or marries) after enrollment, it's the parent's responsibility to contact the office for testing and graduation changes.

Students enrolled with us while preparing for the GED are not required to test.

Students must be enrolled for at least six months before the school will sign any GED age-waiver.

Please note: Aaron Academy does NOT administer the GED test.
Testing Policies:

Our testing policies are in effect to ensure a proper, fair, and safe testing environment for the benefit of our students. Please help us maintain these so our students can have a good testing experience.
Testing Fees:

Group testing:
First thru 11th Grade Students:
$ 60
After November 1st:
$ 70

Private Testing:
By Certified Teacher:
$ 85
After November 1st:
$ 95
By Aaron Academy:
$ 140
After November 1st:
$ 160
Register to Test:

You can register to test while enrolling for the new year.

If you are already enrolled, you can register to test in the link below:

Note: tests available to Aaron Academy students only.
Testing Locations:

Testing students are assigned the locations closest in proximity. Parents choosing alternate locations need to include that information when enrolling.

Current locations (subject to change) include: Chattanooga, Clarksville, Hendersonville, Murfreesboro, Pleasant View, and Smyrna.

Students outside Middle Tennessee and these testing areas are exempt from group testing. Please note: an ACT test is required for high school graduation (see below).

Parents who choose to change their student's test site, once it has been set or right before testing starts, will incur a $25 charge for each site change request.

High School Graduation:

In order for senior students to be eligible for high school graduation, one of the following requirements must be satisfied:
ATwo (2) Stanford or Iowa Achievement Tests: one taken in the 9th grade and one taken in the 10th or 11th grade, with a minimum Stanine score of 4 (for students not planning to attend college).
BOne (1) ACT Test taken in grades 10th through 12th, with minimum score of 16 (submitted before April 30th of their graduating year).
ACT Test School Code:

Our school code for the ACT test is 430-887.

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