Home education is you, the parent, ensuring that your child receives a well-rounded, high quality education—at home!

›  Who Teaches?

YOU, Mom and Dad, are the primary teachers.

In those cases where there is a legal guardian, then the legal guardian is the primary teacher. (Legal documentation of guardianship must be provided.)

You do not need to be a certified teacher. If you enroll in our Tennessee school, you will need to have earned a minimum of a high school diploma or GED to teach your high school students, but it's not required to teach those students in lower grades.

Please note that each state has its own home education laws and requirements.

You may use or hire tutors to help your student (math tutors, music teachers, gym class trainers, retired teachers, grandparents, etc.), but you are still the primary teacher.

The primary teacher and the student must live in the same household.
›  How?

The primary teacher is responsible for providing the necessary curriculum (books, tests, school materials, etc.) for each of their students.

Parents are free to choose the learning material that best fits their student's learning style.

You are responsible for grading each student's work (including any school work completed under a tutor) and for submitting their grades or reports to your school or association.

Your students will earn credit for their work once these reports are submitted by you, the primary teacher.

At Aaron Academy, a student's file is incomplete and no work can be credited if these reports are not submitted when required.
›  When?

The Tennessee Department of Education requires a minimum of 6.5 instructional hours a day for 180 days per year starting July 1st.

When enrolled in our school, you will need to submit their attendance on the Semester Report. You may start counting school days only after you enroll.
›  Is it legal?

Yes, home education is legal. States recognize home education, and define it in many of their educational laws and codes.

There are also many home education associations who work tirelessly to support your right to educate your children at home.

You can find an excellent source at the Home School Legal Defense Association website.

» It is the parent's resposibility to be familiar with and comply with their own State requirements.

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