When you choose to home school your children, you are choosing a proven method of education.

»  Your Choice:

»  You choose the books and materials that best fit your child's learning style.

»  You choose the tutors that you want to complement your student's studies and courses.

»  You choose the extra-curricular activities that best accommodate your children's interests, talents, and abilities.

»  You choose the opportunities for socialization that you find safest and most rewarding for your students.

»  You choose to give your students your two most precious gifts: your time and your love.

That is correct, YOU choose what is best for your students.

›  Our Mission:

Our mission is to assist and encourage parents who are training and educating their children, and to help these students achieve the highest academic standards in Christian education.

We believe that our students will have the best teachers, their own parents, and as such, Aaron Academy will assist the parents in this worthy endeavor.

We believe the resources, courses, curriculum, activities, and other educational opportunities are just as varied as our students, and parents have every right to choose what they think is best for their own children.

With this purpose in mind, it will be our mission to umbrella those parents who have decided to exercise their right to educate their children, and provide the support necessary for their students to pursue excellence in education.
›  Resource: NHERI
The National Home Education Research Institute conducts homeschooling research for the public, researchers, homeschoolers, the media, and policy makers, and educates the public concerning the findings of all related research.


›  Resource: HSLDA
The Home School Legal Defense Association provides an extensive list of information and legal expertise for families educating their kids at home.


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