Early enrollment is now open for the upcoming school year.
2019-20 School Year:

Here you will find the enrollment forms for the upcoming school year that will run from July 2019 thru June 2020.


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Enrollment fees, classifications, grade level, and attendance information:





1Submit your enrollment forms and registration fees to our school office.
Our forms are available online. You can print them or use our web forms to start the enrollment process.
2Withdraw student from current school.
After enrollment, you will need to withdraw your student from the previous school. They will be receiving a transfer request for student files from us. You can also use our receipt of enrollment for verification if having to visit the previous school to complete the transfer
3Determine the student's courses or credits needed.
For high school students, once our office receives your transcripts from the previous school, we will send you a list of courses needed for the current school year. Our list of required credits for graduation are posted online.
4Purchase the curriculum (books) needed.
Purchase the books your student will need for the current school year. There are many resources that carry home education materials. We provide a short list of resources you can find online.
5Submit Curriculum List (list of books, courses).
A list of the courses and materials the student will be using is due within 30 days of enrollment. Our curriculum form is available online (for print or web submission).
6Have student start working on courses.
Once you purchase and acquire the study materials and books, have the student start school. State laws require a minimum of 4 hours a day of school work. Total school hours for the day is optional. (On the other hand, 8 hours of work in one day does not constitute two school days.)